CTG of Post Scriptum: Preview

The world of Post Scriptum is vast and multi-dimensional. It’s a place for amazing adventures of our upcoming MMORPG – inhabitants of this post-apocalyptic environment try to survive and reach some personal goals of their kinds. Our collectible token game is also based on the Post Scriptum paracosm. Virtual creatures appear here in the form of playing tokens, battling strictly on the game board, where mind power of players is an ultimate might.

Let’s take a closer look at the Post Scriptum CTG in this preview. We did something quite similar for the collectible token game of our partners, the indie-studio Wanted Games – please, check out this Glimpse at Altar: the War of Gods.

When the tokens first appeared?

It seems like the intention to play games comes from the depths of human nature. People play games from the most ancient times, and whenever the basic needs are satisfied, we start playing something or even come up with something new and exciting. This is true not only for the real world but also for the imaginary universe of Post Scriptum.

Before the global disaster ruined usual ways of life, people of this paracosm enjoyed their various activities. Someone was a city guy, involved in trading or building. Someone was a priest or scientist, digging into the existential mysteries. And someone was of the working class, who takes care of those basic needs for the whole society. Surprisingly, the last type of Post Scriptum people came up with the idea of a token game.

There were loggers who decided to rest after a nice portion of hard work. Wine helped them to unwind, to forget their troubles and to look for some enjoyments around. One of those guys put a wooden token at the nearest stump. “What’s your order, my king?” – roared the guy starting to laugh right after that. Another logger caught the game quickly. He took a token-like piece of wood, bit it, leaving teeth marks there. “My tokens of undead are much stronger. They will tear apart yours, so there will be no need to start the battle”, – such was his move in the freshly invited game. “And I will play with demons then” – one more logger joined the fun.

The next day, these guys brought lots of newly made tokens with them, building their in-game armies and creating rules for this unusual and quite addictive game. Other people became interested in such entertainment, taking it quite seriously. Even nobles of those lands found themselves involved in the token battles.

Soon, the rules were settled and the collection of playing pieces got some rare and valuable tokens, made not from wood but from metal, even from precious metal in some cases. The token game took over the world, and when the apocalypse destroyed almost everything around, the game remained. It transformed though, to match the harsh reality of the Post Scriptum paracosm.

Collect tokens. Win battles

People of our world will be also able to play the Post Scriptum CTG. Following the Paracosm Roadmap, the closed alpha test of this game has started in April. The beta release is planned for the 3rd-4th quarter of 2019. The game will be playable on Windows and Android devices.

The playing process will consist of separate battles and building your general tokens collection. These aspects affect each other: the power of your collection helps to win battles, and victories help to build a better collection.

Tokens of the Post Scriptum CTG include pieces of heroes, entities, effects, and environment. Players can take only one hero to a match, and this token should survive to the end. Defeating the opponent’s’ hero is a key condition for the victory.

Players create stacks of tokens to use in Post Scriptum CTG matches. Completing nice, well-balanced stacks is the first step to success – they will be added to the player’s hand, powering-up the on-board army.

In the start, there are only three tokens to protect the hero. If they are eligible to enter the board, place them at any spot. Then, battles with surrounding opponents start. Tokens with better characteristics of Attack, Defense, and Support are quite effective in battles. Still, bigger numbers don’t guarantee victory in the Post Scriptum CTG. For example, powerful tokens can be unable to enter the board if there are no low power tokens already presented there..

In this preview, we can’t reveal all the details of the gameplay – please, read our regular Paracosm Digests to feel the progress in the development of our games, the Paracosm platform, and Caer Sidi service.

DRT magic

One of the most amazing distinguishing features of the Post Scriptum CTG is the use of the distributed registry technology. This makes every token and the whole collection especially valuable. DRT keeps information about the origins of the playing pieces, matches they played, tournaments they participate in, previous owners, and the history of transactions. Of course, rare and unique tokens will have rather a higher price (and demand) on the marketplace.

The same with matches of play accounts. All the results will be written in the distributed registry, proving real skills of a gamer. DRT is an effective method of preventing cheats and fraud.

For more details on this topic, check out the article “Distributed registry on the Paracosm platform”.

The collectible token game of Post Scriptum will be tightly connected to the role-playing game, made on the base of the same universe.

Tokens of Post Scriptum CTG are available on the Caer Sidi Sale. Purchase one booster pack to get seven random playing pieces.

Stay in touch with Paracosm Project on our social pages. We regularly make posts about the Post Scriptum games:


Victoria Tegg
what's the main purpose of this game? thanks for sharing :)
The main goal of the game is to kill the hero of the opponent. A more global goal is to get the largest and coolest collection of tokens! 🙂

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