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A: In general, the term “paracosm” means an imaginary world. Some paracosms are created by children, so they are rather like fairy lands, with no particular structure. Other paracosms are well-elaborated, with certain rules – such as Middle-earth or the world of Harry Potter.

We at the Paracosm.Company create something bigger than another imaginary world. We build a universe with many dimensions by geeks and dreamers from all over the Earth. Our big Paracosm platform contains tools for making your own virtualities, your own paracosms, and invite other gamers to explore and enjoy various adventures. Of course, you can do the same in paracosms of other people.

In terms of our project, the Paracosm platform consists of:

  • Caer Sidi – a service on top of the core functionality of the Paracosm platform. The platform itself doesn’t allow to sell assets between the Paracosm denizens, only unconditional transfers are allowed. Caer Sidi plays the roles of an asset aggregator and escrow agent, it also provides extra services impossible in the core. Caer Sidi is a place, where paracosms, their creators and explorers meet each other, where realities are tangled in one cross-reality of gaming.
  • Games of the Paracosm.Company – we develop our games to have ready products on Caer Sidi, which can prove its full potential (and we just love making games, you know). Our first product here is Post Scriptum Paracosm: MMORPG, online and tabletop versions of Collectible Token Game.
  • Games of 3rd-party developers – we already feel the interest of game studios in the Paracosm platform. Our first partner is the studio Wanted Games with their Altar: the War of Gods. We’ve made an announcement of partnership on the official site:

A: All our projects are tightly connected to each other, making one holistic structure. The cross-reality platform of Paracosm will be a kind of portal to various games, a place to trade virtual assets. We’re developing the platform itself and games for it, which contain assets for trading. Thus, we’ll give the users the full feeling of the functional, built on the DRT technology.

A: The key feature of the Paracosm platform is use of the IOTA technology as a kind of engine for the internal processes. Transactions here will be written in the distributed registry, making them totally protected from any backdating changes. Games and virtual assets on your account along with their history and history of your game achievements will be absolutely safe – and such things have real value in the modern world. Read the details about IOTA on the Paracosm platform here:

Gamers may enjoy the possibility to transfer their in-game progress from one title to another on the Paracosm platform. You can transform time and energy invested in the playing process and boost your progress in new games.

Trading on the platform opens many exciting opportunities. For instance, you can sell objects from your favorite game – to help players with a lack of time. Game developers can make business by releasing their products on the platform and providing gamers with many assets, useful for playing and interesting for trading.

We will inform you about other distinguish features of the Paracosm platform through the posts on our website and social pages.

A: With IOTA, you’ll be able to buy the internal currency of our platform, named Caer Sidi Credits (CSC). So, you can take the following steps to buy assets: IOTA -> CSC -> Assets. Most of the gamers are interested in stable pricing, that’s why we keep this scheme.
CSC is not a cryptocurrency. It’s like in-game gold.

A: A real-world version of Paracosm Key will be a kind of token that consists information about your account ID on the Paracosm platform, games on that account, your virtual assets with their history, and your in-game achievements. The same information will be safe for the users with digital versions of their Paracosm Keys – we plan to give real-world tokens only to Premium accounts (this name may change in the future).

Paracosm Key is not a wallet for IOTA. Our platform uses the IOTA technology as an engine for its functionality – please, check the information in the post “IOTA & Paracosm Platform”.

Users of the Paracosm platform will not be able to keep IOTA, other cryptocurrencies or fiat-money on their Paracosm Keys. Our service Caer Sidi uses an internal currency, named Caer Sidi Credits, for all the trading operations inside of the platform. Strictly speaking, CSC is not a currency. It’s rather an analog of in-game gold.

You can buy Caer Sidi Credits with IOTA or with other types of real-world money through the Caer Sidi service. Then, your CSC will be securely stored on your account. And information about them will be kept on your Paracosm Key as well.

A: As for the upcoming Alpha-testing, both these games have Post Scriptum in their names and then – the distinguishing explanation of the genre. So, the names are:

  • Post Scriptum CTG;
  • Post Scriptum MMORPG.

Of course, some changes may happen on the way to the final release. We’ll inform you if such things happen.

A: The team of Paracosm.Company develops the first product for the Paracosm platform – Post Scriptum games. It’s our flagman project with lots of amazing innovations for the game industry. Also, these games will be able to show the functionality of the ecosystem, to prove its potential.

The Post Scriptum games are:

  • Multiplayer Role-Playing Game (MMORPG):
  • Online Collectible Token Game (CTG):
  • Tabletop Collectible Token Game.

All of them are based on the same Post Scriptum universe, a post-apocalyptic world, where Heaven, Earth, and Hell crashed into each other. Humans, Undead, and Demons live here, trying to survive and to expand their power. The world of Post Scriptum is nicely described in this post:

A: The Paracosm platform will unite many virtual worlds – that’s absolutely correct. The universe of Post Scriptum is one of them. We put all our efforts and activate the might of our talents and experiences to make the Post Scriptum games on the highest level of quality and innovations. Our goal with them is to implement our ideas of perfectness in the game culture and to give users of the Paracosm platform the full feeling of this tangled Multiverse.

The Caer Sidi service is going to become a place of the connection. It’s a kind of portal, where game worlds meet each other, where gamers and investors can trade various virtual assets. There will be an internal currency, named Caer Sidi Credits. We plan to offer a feature of transforming treasures gotten from one game world to Caer Sidi Credits with further transformation into useful assets from another virtual universe. Thus, time and energy, invested by players in one game can be transferred and used in their new playing adventures. This feature also opens many opportunities for traders.

A: The Road Map of the Post Scriptum games with all the dates will be published on our website quite soon. Follow the Paracosm social pages to not miss any significant information.

A: CTG won’t require very powerful hardware. For playing MMORPG, the RTX-level of GPU will be necessary.

A: Our initial plan is to release the game for PC and then expand it to other appropriate platforms. Of course, we are preparing versions for XR systems as well. Still, it’s important to understand – Post Scriptum MMORPG is a huge project, and it’s on the stage of active development right now. Many exciting changes may happen on this way, and all of them are certainly for good. We inform the community about everything significant happening to Post Scriptum and other Paracosm products through our social networks and the official website – stay tuned!

A: Yes, of course. Right now, we are preparing the game for the alpha testing, adding new features regularly. This process will continue till the final release and beyond. Post Scriptum MMORPG will be a living, actively developing world, with new aspects appearing time after time. We plan to make updates, and their content will depend on opinion of the game community.

We reveal all the significant achievements and milestones of the development process in the weekly informative series Paracosm Digests. The details on the gameplay, game world or story will be gathered on our official site a bit later.

A: We definitely plan to make voice acting for NPC in the MMORPG. As for now, we concentrate on the English voicing – to make it on a decent level and then, probably, consider adding other languages.

A: No, we don’t plan to add this feature to the starting release version. It’s quite possible that the character editor will be implemented with one of the future game updates.

A: This sounds like a great idea for our development team! Still, we can’t tell whether it will become real in the games or not. Even the technical side of this question is quite uncertain – both of these Post Scriptum games are on very early stages of the development. It would be better to have both of them evolved through alpha and beta testing, soft launch. Only then discussing such brave innovations will be more reasonable.

A: If you compare this game with “Ready Player One”, it will be like one of the planets of our Oasis.

A: Yes, we’re developing this game for both these system. Still, the Android version will be released first, and a bit later we’ll add version for iOS and even for PC.

A: Connections between real-world and virtual versions of Post Scriptum CTG are in the process of development, like the game itself. Many changes may happen during the upcoming Alpha testing and further communication with the Paracosm community.

As for now, we really plan to link the tabletop and online versions of Post Scriptum RPG, putting the real-world tokens in a high priority. This means that players with physical tokens will be able to get their virtual copies – for example, by redeeming some special codes from the game box. Information about your physical tokens will not be kept on your virtual accounts, only about their activated copies.

Players don’t need to own the tabletop game to play its online version. In fact, Post Scriptum CTG will first appear on Android devices, with further development of iOS and PC versions, release of the tabletop analog.

A: We elaborate a system for powering up particular tokens. There also plan to be added unique ways to power up by participating in tournaments.

A: The game isn’t ready yet – so, no, it’s not possible yet. Maybe you’ve seen videos from conferences Games Gathering and DevGAMM – visitors played the Post Scriptum CTG there. Still, that was a Proof of Concept, just an example of the future possibilities of the game. We’ll inform you about the release on our site and social pages.

A: Yes, the real-world version of Post Scriptum CTG will be available all over the globe. Of course, the way to this release can’t be quick. First, we plan to make an online version of this game and check its perfectness during initial closed alpha testing and through further active communication with the community. The final release of the online Post Scriptum CTG is planned to be with no regional restrictions.  

A: Playing experience in any version of Post Scriptum CTG will definitely affect your skills in the whole game, preparing you for success in future matches. Other effects of your real-world playing sessions on the virtual game will not be so obvious. You will have separate token collections – digital tokens will not appear in the reality by some magic, and some used real-world tokens may be unsuitable for activating virtual copies. Your progress in the online game will not depend on your activity with the tabletop game.

The real-world version of Post Scriptum CTG is an opportunity to have fun with friends – in the real world, you know. That’s the primary reason to play it. Effects on the online version are secondary. Just enjoy different types of gaming fun in both!

A: To answer this question properly, we should have at least alpha versions of both games. Making them flawless with super exciting experience for players is our number one priority. Connecting these games even tighter than their common post-apocalyptic world does – that’s quite a task for our development team. Only time will show whether this idea will be implemented and how.

On the other hand, all the games on the Paracosm platform are tangled by the Caer Sidi service. We’re actively working on the ways to transfer time and energy invested in one game to some other virtual universe. This is one of the core features of our platform – to let gamers to keep and use their achievements if they decide to stop playing one game and start a new adventure. Trading virtual assets, gotten with the game progress, is one of the obvious possibilities. Maybe, there will be other ideas for inter-gaming connections – who knows which decisions will be made during alpha testing of the games and platform, during further development of our products.

A: We don’t plan to add Pay2Win elements to games of Paracosm.Company. Still, we don’t limit decisions and creativity of other developers on the Paracosm platform. This will be only up to gamers to decide which adventures to enjoy and how to get some advantages in them.

The Paracosm platform will unite virtual worlds of various games. Some of them will be of our internal development. For example, we work on the ambitious project of Post Scriptum – partly to give the full user experience on the upcoming platform and Caer Sidi service. Other games will be of our partners (such as indie-studio Wanted Games with its product “Altar: the War of Gods”).

Caer Sidi Credits will be used for all the internal operations of the Caer Sidi service. This includes payments for games and various virtual assets from them. Virtual items on the marketplace of Caer Sidi may be strictly cosmetic – to change the appearance of your characters, their weapons, surrounding objects, etc. Also, they may have practical use in the virtuality of a particular game – such as super effective tools or immensely dangerous weapons. Purchasing such things may boost the progress of players.

Ways to use Caer Sidi Credits will develop along with the Paracosm platform and Caer Sidi service. Many exciting opportunities may be added to the final product or appear as a result of its internal evolution.

A: It would be nice to tell you about quests in the world of Post Scriptum MMORPG, which open powerful tokens in Post Scriptum CTG, or about special matches in CTG, which give unique items in MMORPG. Still, it’s too early to give any such examples – they are just fantasies. Both games are still on the early development stage, they are preparing for the upcoming tests as complete products, and only then we’ll be able to talk about their interconnections.

Let’s not forget about the possibility to transfer your achievements from one game on the Paracosm platform to another – for example, by trading virtual assets through the Caer Sidi service. Such features will be possible even for products of different developers.

Of course, games of one series can have much more ways to affect each other – this depends on the decisions of their authors.

A: We’re open for partnership with different game studios – from huge corporations to small indie-companies. Such agreements will be useful for everyone on the platform.

So far, we have our first partner, the indie-studio Wanted Games. It has released its first product recently, which turn out to be quite successful – a tabletop game Goblins vs Gnomes. The next product of this company is going to be the Collectible Token Game Altar: the War of Gods. In its digital form, it will be released for the Paracosm platform. A tabletop version is also planned for the future. Some details on this partnership are given here:

We welcome other potential partners, producing games for various systems, for various dimensions of our cross-reality. Games of 3rd-party developers are significant for the whole Paracosm platform, for the best user experience possible.

A: It’s the first 3rd-party game on the Paracosm platform. We can’t reveal any detailed information about it so far – soon, a post about Altar: the War of Gods will appear on our official site. Follow the Paracosm social pages to not miss anything interesting.

Right now, we can tell that this will be a Collectible Token Game with characters from real-world mythologies. The tabletop version will be released after the digital one. First, we expect to see the game on Android, and a bit later – on iOS devices and PC.

A: Your interest in the Paracosm platform and games are the best support for us, and we are really grateful for it! There also are ways to take a bit more active part in Paracosm development.

  • Follow all social pages of Paracosm.Company, share and discuss information from our posts;
  • Join our Paracosm Discord Community – it’s a place to communicate with like-minded people. We have a closed group, named Paracosm Ambassadors. Read about it here:
  • Participate in the upcoming Paracosm Pre-Sale. You will get currency of the future platform as well as some in-game assets for significantly lower price. This will be a closed Pre-Sale, dedicated specially to our community – to allow you, guys, to be among the first on the platform. We will reveal details of the Pre-Sale quite soon through our official pages. If you want to participate, join our Discord Community so you will get all the latest news. It’s also a place to ask questions about the Paracosm platform.

A: The Paracosm platform is a project like no other, innovative in its ideas and in their implementation. Donations of geeks and dreamers help to boost the development process, to build the cross-reality as soon as possible.

We conducted the Donate event with unique souvenirs from the Post Scriptum universe to express our gratitude for your support and interest in the Paracosm platform! Also, it’s our way to have fun with you guys and make for you pleasant gifts. Get more information on the raffles in this post:

A: Yep, and this is not a secret anymore. We have a closed fellowship of people, who significantly support the project, help with its development and popularization. Additional information (including details on the possibility to become an Ambassador) can be found on our official site:

A: We conduct the Paracosm Pre-Sale to provide our community with virtual assets for the future games and internal currency of the future platform. This is also a way to boost the development process – your interest in the Paracosm platform is very important for us.

Dates of the Pre-Sale and our offers during it will be revealed very soon. Follow news on our official site and posts on our social networks.

A: Come-from-Beyond is a well-known innovator in the area of software engineering, quite a successful guy in his professional career. Also, he is a gamer with a dream – to create a digital universe, fascinating worlds that merge different realities. Now, it’s not just a childhood dream about making a game. It’s a huge initiative, an impressive project that involves gifted developers, lots of geeks and dreamers.

Come-from-Beyond says: “The fourth decade of my life has been committed to the development of distributed ledgers. Soon the fifth decade of my life will start. A long time ago I decided that I would dedicate that decade to achieving my dream of constructing a globally shared illusion in VR.

It’s obviously the key feature of the Paracosm platform and the whole universe of cross-reality.

A: Even if you have registered a Trader account, you still can participate in the Caer Sidi Pre-Sale for Denizens and purchase our gaming bundles. To do so, please write to our support team through the online chat on the site – we will make gaming offers visible for your trader account. Soon, we will allow changing the account type in the internal settings.

A: Our Caer Sidi Pre-Sale has offers for Traders and Denizens.

Here is a step-by-step instruction for Traders.

Here is a similar instruction for Denizens (gamers).

Offers of this Pre-Sale have been described in the article “Great Opportunities of Caer Sidi Pre-Sale”.

A: We at Paracosm.Company have a clear plan of actions, and you can check it out in the article “Paracosm Roadmap” on our official site.

A: Caer Sidi users should activate their Paracosm Keys to enter the closed club of high security The process of such activation is completing the procedure of KYC – identifying your account. After the KYC, your account data will be written in the distributed registry of Tangle.

Please, check out the details in the article “Full power of Paracosm Key is active only after KYC”.

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