The best games with collectibles (and what’s missing in them)

An article about the games with collectible features

In some games, the playing process is divided into two aspects. They have individual matches/battles/missions, which are usually considered as primary gameplay. Also, they offer players the possibility to create a collection of cards/figurines/tokens, which give additional strength in the primary adventures. Collecting those digital/physical objects is an excitement in its own and this gives additional motivation to return to a particular game again and again.

We talked about this phenomenon in the article “Collectible Trend of the Game Industry”.

This time, we would like to make a list of the best games with collectibles. For players, they may open doors to new excitements. For developers, they may become examples of successful projects.

Magic: The Gathering

This game is definitely a great classic of the collectible genre. The physical cards were released in 1993, and the total number of players reached approximately 20M people in 2015. The online version of the game appeared in 2002, so existing and new players got access to much wider possibilities of deck building and multiplayer matches.

For now, Magic: The Gathering is absolutely huge, and still it’s quite accessible for new players. The gameplay is based on battles between wizards that cast spells and summon various creatures. Some printed collectible cards here cost a lot of money. 

The newest online version of this game is called Magic: The Gathering Arena”.

Pokémon Duel and Pokémon TCG

Another famous collectible franchise might seem more childish and unserious. Still, Pokémon games are among the most successful in the industry, with really impressive revenue – including from selling trading cards (mostly physical) and playing figurines (digital).

Pokémon TCG invites to card battles of imaginary creatures. There are more than 800 Pokémon and each has many different cards. The most powerful of them are super rare and can be obtained from special boosters. Pokémon TCG is available through its online version too.

Pokémon Duel offers collectible figures with specific abilities on the playing board. These figures don’t stay on a virtual shelf, so getting new pieces to your collection means more chances to win matches.


This game has no physical cards but this doesn’t prevent it from being (arguably) the most popular CCG in the world. It has been developed by Blizzard, so here you’ll find characters and the very spirit of the Warcraft game series.

Big amount of cards, various modes, regular expansions, and professional esports competitions make up many reasons to delve into Hearthstone for a very long time. Getting the whole collection of existing cards is an almost unachievable goal. It’s not possible to trade Hearthstone cards and this creates some limitations for the players.

Warhammer 40,000

With this miniature wargame, players don’t have ready-made figures and objects – everything should be gathered from small plastic details and even hand painted. Then, you will have an army of brave space marines or powerful aliens to battle each other in the world of the future. 

Warhammer 40,000 is a huge paracosm that includes lots of physical assets and many digital games. Players collect figures in the real-world.


This card game has no digital version (so far). Players got decks with random cards and can make a collection with cards of fantastic creatures, vehicles, actions, etc. Of course, these cards participate in tabletop battles.

KeyForge is interesting by its author – the legendary guy Richard Garfield who created also Magic: The Gathering. This game is his recent successful project (after quite a disaster with Artifact).

Heroes of the Storm

This game doesn’t give players all the available characters from the start. This brings the collectible feature to the MOBA genre – will you be able to unlock each and every hero? 

Battles in Heroes of the Storm might seem a bit repetitive, and still they are full of excitement. Players try to destroy the main construction of the opponent. Using different heroes changes the playing process significantly, so you will have a nice use for their collection.

Blizzard slowed down the support of HOTS but it remains an exceptional game.

Something is missing

All of these games are worthy of your attention, but at the same time, we can’t call them perfect. They all don’t have something significant, and that something is not in the dimension of gameplay or in various aspects of quality. The existing games with collectibles may become much better with:

  • Phygital assets – physical objects with NFC chips that keep digital data and synchronize playing processes in online and real-world versions of a game.
  • Proved ownership of virtual collections – nowadays, players just rent their assets from game developers, here is always a risk to lose everything (due to fraud).
  • The possibility to transfer achievements/collections to another game – for players to migrate more easily to other collectible adventures and to get a use for excessive parts of their collections. Players should invest quite a lot of time and energy to achieve significant results in such games, and the potentially losing everything may stop them from starting the game.

Caer Sidi is a solution

We at Paracosm Project develop an infrastructure for our own games and for the products of our partners. This infrastructure is part of the Paracosm platform and Caer Sidi service. It’s based on the distributed registry of Tangle to

  • make virtual collectibles unique, with individual codes; 
  • protect from falsification and fraud;
  • keep origins of assets and the whole history of transactions;
  • allow players to really own their collections. 

The technology of distributed registry allows releasing phygital assets and connecting through them physical and digital versions of the games. What amazing possibilities can be implemented by creative developers!

The ecosystem of Cae Sidi is open for developers to connect their games with collectible items.

The site offers the Store section to sell virtual and real-world collectibles. The Market section will help to trade assets between users. The possibility of transferring items to other users is already working. Transfers of progress and collectibles to other games can become possible through the intermediation of Caer Sidi Credits, the internal currency of the service, or through direct cooperation of game developers. 

Some basic information about our ecosystem is given in the article “Paracosm platform and Caer Sidi service explained”.

Paracosm Project develops the collectible token game Post Scriptum. Our partners from the studio Wanted Games have already released their product “Altar: the War of Gods” – it has collectible tokens of mythological personalities.

We are open for partnership with other game developers – to integrate your product into our ecosystem. Please, reach us through to discuss the details.

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